• Aug-Mental

    Mental Health, Augmented

  • Monitoring Daily Habits

    to detect patterns of depression

Your mental health is reflected in your behavior: how you sleep, eat, move and interact with others. Use our tools to detect early signs of depression or other mental health issues.


  • Battling major depression

    - 1/3 of depression cases are undiagnosed.

    - Depression can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer and suicide.

    - Depression prevents people from fully functioning at work and in personal lives.

  • What we do

    -Our behaviour-monitoring tools help detect early patterns of depression via integration of mobile and wearable device sensor data with NLP analysis of texts and social network data and voice/emotion analytics.

  • How does it work?

    Our algorithm is based on the same criteria used by the traditional depression diagnostic tools and includes quality of sleep, levels of fatigue and physical activity, change in whereabouts, food intake, level of social interaction, decision-making ability and emotional state.

  • Can a provider, payer or company use Aug-Mental?

    -We will license the solution (provide an SDK) to healthcare providers, insurers and researchers and provide professional services to those companies in case consumer application development is required.

  • Who can Aug-Mental™ benefit?

    - We will partner with companies, healthcare providers and payers interested in receiving alerts of signs of early depression. At that point, insurer or healthcare provider will intervene with further diagnostic measures and treatment, if required.

  • Do you diagnose depression?

    -Our algorithm is not built to replace standard depression diagnostic methods – it is meant to provide a widely accessible tool that will provide initial alerts that can be used to follow up with other diagnostic methods.

While the treatment of depression is extremely effective in curbing this illness and the associated conditions, many of the instances of depression remain undiagnosed, taking a huge toll on the health system, personal growth and productivity.

Aug-Mental™ will enable

early detection of signs of depression and alert healthcare provider.